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#PT40 Highlights, Standouts and More..

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Once again, #PT40 was another spectacular event! Even though their was no incoming seniors at this year showcase, the underclassman put on a show and made a name for themselves.

* These are my thoughts after watching the games only.

Below are some highlights of a short list of standouts from this year showcase..

MVP 2024 Miles Goodman - Odea HS (WA)

2024 Hunter Carter - Annie Wright HS (WA)

2024 Jaden Steppe- Tualatin HS (OR)

2025 Winters Grady- Lake Oswego HS (OR)

2026 Yabi Aklog - Eastside Catholic (WA)

2026 Katrelle Harmon BFL Prep (WA)

PT40 Highlights

Click on the link below to see #PT40 Review (Subscription Required)

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