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"This is a great way for kids to get the name and video seen. I urge you to take advantage of it."

Benjie Hedgecock - Team Jones Elite (Dayton, OR)

"Because of BBallDream, i was able to find the perfect school and team to continue my education and basketball career with!"

Vishal Vanka- c/o 2016- Catlin Gabel HS (Portland , Oregon)- Pratt Institute College 

"BBallDream is an amazing opportunity to get exposure without any cost. Just being a member has helped me get recognition for all of my hard work and accomplishments!"

RJ Veliz- c/o 2019- Blanchet Catholic HS (Salem, Oregon)

"It was a great way to get my name out there for recruiting, helped get my name around. I suggest all players use this site"

Ethan Channel- c/o 2017- Aloha HS (Beaverton, Oregon)- Mt. Hood College

"The amount of exposure kids receive through the BBallDream site is phenomenal. For any hoops player it is extremely constructive, positive and helpful."

Zach Bernards- c/o 2017- Dayton HS (Dayton, Oregon)- Oregon Institute Technology

"Because of Brandon Haughton and BBallDream I am able to get my videos and film along with my name out to colleges! I am thankful to have a guy like Brandon and a site like BBallDream in my corner!"

Zac Blake- c/o 2018- Sheridan HS (Sheridan, Oregon)- Multnomah University

"BBallDream is a great source for young hoopers with dreams and aspirations to play at a high level. They are very dedicated and put time into all there athletes. Highly recommend."

Bailey Evers- c/o 2017- Forest Grove HS (Forest Grove, Oregon)- Linn Benton College

"It is a great opportunity to share info and game film with coaches. Every player should take advantage of the free exposure."

Jacob Hjort- c/o 2018- Columbia River HS (Vancouver, Washington)- Western Oregon University

"BBall Dream and Brandon Haughton helped me get recognition and help on social media through videos and stats when it came to recruiting, highlights, or scores. He's one of the only guys out there who is genuinely helping kids in Oregon and that's one of the many reasons why I liked BBallDream. I would suggest everyone reach out and get on it!"

Nolan Bertain- c/o 2017- West Linn HS (West Linn, Oregon)-University Alabama Birmingham

Bball dream is extremely has helped me out so much and has been a great resource to show college coaches film and break down game film, it also is a great way for exposure and has lead to some coaches getting in touch with me, super thankful for Brandon and everything he has done to help me out.

Markel Moser-c/o 2017- Salem Academy HS (Salem, Oregon)- Pacific (OR) College

No politics, just exposure for student athletes. Having the ability to create a player profile page that highlights Academic & basketball accomplishments. It's a great tool to have to send to college coaches/ recruiters at every level. I appreciate for everything they do and provide.

David Daniel Vasquez- c/o 2017- Liberty HS (Hillsboro, Oregon)-Professional Basketball

"BBallDream is like a "one stop shop" for recruiting purposes, it is easy to use and easy to find. Highly recommend it to athletes seeking recruitment"

Demi Guild- c/o 2017 - Portland Christian HS (Portland, Oregon)-George Fox University

"BBallDream is a great place to share info and your hoop highlights. Every kid should take advantage of the free exposure to coaches."

Ry Paulsen- c/o 2017- Hockinson HS (Brush Praire, Washington)- Multnomah University

"Thank you so much! You impact kids lives and crazy thing its free!"

Achraf Sadouk- c/o 2018- Bruton HS (Willamsburg,VA)- Keuka College

"If you don't fail a couple times , how are you going to learn how to succeed."

Austin Downing- c/o 2018 - Neosho College- Quincy University

" is a great way to get free college exposure and Brandon is awesome!"

Clay Sullivan- c/o 2018- Vernonia HS- Clackamas College

"I really want to thank Brandon for all he did in helping me with my exposure, thanks again Brandon!"

Brendan Hayes- c/o 2018- Mountlake Terrace HS- Edmonds College

" has not only been a platform at which I can advertise myself as a player and connect with college coaches to help my recruiting, but also to connect with great players from all areas that would otherwise be unrecognized."

Dyshawn Hobson- c/o 2018- Corvallis HS- Northwest Christian University

" gave me an amazing exposure through my basketball journey! Brandon Haughton helped me get to the college I have committed to today."

Tanner Lewis- c/o 2018- Dayton HS- Southwest Oregon College

" has given me so many opportunities to further my career. Being able to send out videos to college skyrockets your chances to go next-level. And its free!"

Caymon Rea- c/o 2018- Rainer HS (OR)- Lower Columbia College

" is hands down, the best free recruiting websiteout there. Looking to get recruited or to just want to get your name out there in general? BBallDream is the way to go, highly recommended! Coach Haughton does a great job keeping his site up to date which allows you to keep searching for more!"

Antonio "Tony" Salinas- c/o 2019- Zillah HS (WA)

" is one of the most underrated recruiting services in the nation. The amount of work put into shine a light on hidden talent is unlike any service I have seen. BBallDream is paving the way for alot of hidden  gems, and its just a matter of time before its recognized!"

JaVary Christmas -c/o 2016- De La Salle North Catholic HS- Sheridan College

" allows for those with dreams and aspirations to play college ball to get their name out there easily and Brandon helps tremendously if you seek more help."

Ben Janssan - c/o 2018- Centralia HS (WA)- South Puget Sound College

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