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New Things Happening in 2021

Happy New Years!! We have finally moved on from 2020 and I hope 2021 will be better. Let’s all do our part so we can get back to some kind of normalcy.

BBallDream is entering its six year of supporting players from all over the country to achieve there goal of playing collegiate basketball. This year, I added a few new things to my website.

Subscription Membership

This is a paid service for my website. Here you will find Oregon HS rankings for both boys and girls, player spotlights, articles and more. Click here to learn more!

Posting Up with BBallDream

This is my web series and future podcast. Here I will sit down and have an in-depth interview with current/ former basketball players, coaches and other personnel. The stories you will hear are to inspire other to continue to put the work in and not give up on there dream.

Senior All Star Event

My plan is to have my annual Senior All Star Event. I am also looking into hostIng another event for unext lass men as well. I will let everyone know if or when it will happen. This decision is clearly out of my hands due to the pandemic we are in.

Tentative start date for OR HS Basketball

📸 2019 #PT40 Showcase

OSAA announced that basketball season will tentatively start May 22nd. Can’t wait to see everyone back on the court!

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