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2021 BBallDream Senior All Star Game Roster has been released..

Trace Salton Dane Erikstrup

2021 BBallDream Senior All Star Game will not be played this year but I wanted to honor and congratulate the twenty invitees!

Team Hedgecock

Josh Wart- Amity

Andrew Vaughn- PAA

Dane Erikstrup- Beaverton

Carson Molan- Cascade

Isaiah Gilliam- South Albany

Moritz Hartwich- Portland Christian

Asher Krauel- Sherwood

Landon Ellis- North Medford

Luke Winkler- Grant

Jeovanny Marroquina - Woodburn

Team Van Loon

Josh Baugher- Santiam Christian

Jonah Zeller- Catlin Gabel

Trace Salton- Lake Oswego

Elijah Munyan- Gresham

Nate Meithof- McNary

Tyler Exinel- Banks

Kevin Sanchez- Crook County

James Lang- Jesuit

Ryan Lewis- Clackamas

Tyasin Burns- Nixyaawii

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