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2019 BBallDream Senior All Star Event Player Breakdown...

Congrats to the following seniors who have made their college decisions:

Kaleb Anundi- Northwest Christian

Riley Marshall- Blue Mountain CC

Jalen Brown- Eastern Arizona CC

Kobe Newton- Dodge City CC

Stephen Parmenter- Corban University

Unsigned Seniors

Lukas Finley- (3A) 2nd Team All State and one the top 3pt shooters in the state.

Jaysen Howard- (3A) 2nd Team All State. He is a long athletic forward with a soft touch around the basket.

Braeden Nowlin- (3A) 1st Team All State. He was considered one of top pg in the state. He is an elite shooter with range.

Logan Pruit- (3A) 2nd Team All State. He is an athletic wing that can score in a variety of ways and can defend 1-4.

Braden Thorn- Stretch Four, an elite athlete that can finish above the rim in traffic. Solid midrange shooter and constantly crashing the boards for rebounds. He was really impressive in this event!

Daello Portin-Chapman- solid PG that can score in a variety of ways. Did a really good job of recognizing mix matches and making plays for himself and his teammates.

Joey Rodrick- Big Guard! He is a 6’4 shooting guard with range. He is capable of guarding multiple position on the court and a solid rebounder. He can be an impact player for the right program. He stood out as one of the top players in the event!

Kadeem Nelson- (3A) Runner Up State Player of the Year. Back to Back State Champion. He is a long guard that can shoot and also get to the basket. His defense awareness is elite and could be a steal for the right program. Kadeem won the three point contest title!

Isaac Lange- (5A) First Team All State and arguably the top unsigned senior in Oregon. He is an explosive point guard that finishes above the rim in traffic. He is capable of scoring in a variety of ways. He has elite speed, High Basketball IQ and high academic student athlete!

Eric Russell - athletic guard with 35+ inch vertical and a streaky shooter.

RJ Veliz - Named MVP of the All Star Game! (4A) First Team All State and a natural born leader! RJ is a skilled combo guard with a high basketball IQ and can score from anywhere on the court. He is really effective when penetrating the lane and find open teammates for high percentage shots. He is a high academic student athlete that holds an offer from Northwest Christian U.

Jack Rose- He is a physical undersized stretch forward that plays tough defense. He has a solid midrange game and finishes above the rim.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this event! Proceeds from this event was donated to the Kaden Ogles “Kick Cancer’s Butt Foundation”.

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