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First time watching Cameron Brink play and more...

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking my two daughters to watch Mountainside HS (OR) and 5⭐️ Stanford commit Cameron Brink play for the first time. My daughters are 6 and 4 years old and had a blast watching her play.

The first thing I notice, she can literally do it all! At 6’4, she can pass, dribble and shoot with the best of them. On the block, she has an array of moves to get a basket. On the perimeter, she is able to knock down open shots or take her defender off the dribble. She is really good at orchestrating the offense from the outside because she has solid handles and can see over everyone on the court. Kudos to the coaching staff to allow her to play all positons on the floor.

I was really impressed with how committed she was to playing defense. She was constantly in a stance, talking to her teammates and making the right rotations in help side. She is either blocking shots or changing shots with her length. All without fouling 9/10 times. She even dove on the floor twice for loose balls, that was awesome to see! Her ability to defend every position on the court is what separates her from a lot of players. When star players love to play defense then everyone else will follow suit.

On offense, I was really impressed with her court vision, moving without the ball and how unselfish she was. When she was bringing the ball up the court and dribbling through traffic I was thinking to myself, “She’s Different!” She did a great job of staying under control and making the right reads in transition. It allowed her teammates to get easy baskets. Not a lot of players can do that at her height. What was really cool to see was how excited she gets when her teammates have success. This is something you can’t teach players. It’s either they have it or they don’t and She has it!

As for the game, Cameron and her teammates won big 66-26. Cameron had a dominant performance with 24 points, 4 assists and 14 rebounds but it was her leadership on offense and defense that led her team to victory.

My daughters cheered quietly “Go Mountainside Go.. Cameron is the best!”

Notable teammates statline in the win..

#24 Hageman

4pts, 7assts and 6


#23 Carly Stone

8pts 3rebs

#12 Wilson

6pts 2assts 4rebs

#11 Gonzalez

7pts 4rebs 2stls

#21 Taylor Smith

8 points

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