Oct 12, 2018

2021 Guard has a bright future ahead of him...




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  • In the 90’s, Poly was more known for their academics and not so much for basketball. During those years, a player by the name of Sam Brand was one of the top players on the team. After Poly, Sam went on to play at Morgan State. In 2010, Sam accepted the challenge and was hired as the new head coach at Poly. He is one of the most loyal people you will ever meet and he was more then excited to lead Poly. Nine years later, he turned Poly into one of the elite programs in the DMV. Brand and his coaching staff has lead Poly to three state titles in a row, helped produced 19 collegiate athletes including 6 Division 1 athletes. Morgan State, can you imagine the excitement Sam could bring to your program? Can you imagine the possible recruits he could bring to your program? The majority (if not whole ) city is behind him and so are future recruits!! Please make the right decision and hire Sam Brand! ITS A WIN - WIN SITUATION FOR BOTH PARTIES! Sign the petition!
  • Marquis “Mookie” Cook stands 6’6 and can play all 5 position on the court!
  • In only two games, 2019 6’5 G Connor scored 39 and 36 points. Connor is currently a unsiged senior.