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Interview Series #9: George Sadi

2020 G George Sadi has won back to back State Championship at De La Salle North Catholic. Last season, Sadi was named Oregon 3A State Player of the Year and is ready to defend his crown. George has full confidence in his teammates that they are ready to compete for their third straight state championship.

Checkout my interview with George below:

What team did you play for this summer? What skills did you improve on during that time?

This summer I played for Maeko. Some skills I looked to improve on was my leadership skills and being more of a floor general.

What goals have you set for yourself this upcoming season?

This season my only goal is to win another state championship and whatever helps me do that is my goal this season. I’ll work hard and push myself until we are back to back to back state champions.

After graduating some key seniors, which teammates do you see playing a bigger role this year?

This year I see kaleb bird, ubedei, sakari, Mathias Billings and Eedasso Wotcha playing big roles. Honestly, I know all my teammates will have a big role to play in our journey to win another title. All of our roles are vital to our success this season.

What are your team goals for this season?

Our team goals this year is to go undefeated on our home court. I believe this will make it our 5th season in a row not loosing a home game. Most importantly, our team goal is winning a state championship.

Do you have a pregame ritual?

In past years, we have had pregame rituals but they have all been different depending on the identity of our team. As we build our identity this year, we will develop a pregame ritual for sure.

If you didn’t play basketball, what sport would you play instead?


Who do you think is better, Lakers or Clippers?

I think the lakers are better

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