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2019 "ALL #PT40 Teams" has been announced..

First I want to say THANK YOU to Reggie Walker and everyone who helped setup and organize 2019 #PT40! This event was ran smoothly and a lot of student athletes had an opportunity to play in front of college coaches. This year #PT40 was good as advertised! The gym was full of talent ranging from freshmen to seniors from Oregon/Washington.

Below I created three All PT40 Teams. I didn’t ask for others opinions and I came up with this on my own. Please keep two things in mind:

1. I don’t have access to any stats, so all my information is predicated off from what I saw and belief.

2. I arrived at halftime of the first game and left before the last sub of the last game.

Please don’t take it personally that your name was not mention on a team. It’s just an opinion. Remember, there was A LOT of kids sitting at home on Sunday wishing they was invited to this event, so don’t take it personal and keep striving for greatness! Good luck to all this upcoming season!

Nathan Bittle is my MVP! Nathan completely changed the game every time he stepped foot on the court. At 6’11, he was one of the best three point shooters in the gym. Nathan is very fundamentally sound and used it to his advantage to get easy baskets. On defense, he was able to guard 1-5 without fouling and moving his feet. He blocked a ton of shots (jump shots as well)and ran the floor extremely well for his size. Nate is ranked #14 ESPN 60 in the 2021 class.

Here are the teams in no specific order:

First Team All #PT40

2021 F Kam Robinson (Jefferson HS, OR)

2021 F Nathan Rawlins-Kibonge (Jefferson HS, OR)

2021 Nathan Bittle (Crater HS, OR)

2021 Nolan Hickman- (Eastside Catholic WA)

2020 John Hart III- (Rainer Beach, WA)

2023 Marquise “Mookie” Cook (Jefferson HS, OR)

Second Team All #PT40

2021 Darius Gakwasi (Central Catholic, OR)

2020 Tai Warner (Grant HS, OR)

2020 Mutdong Bol (Edmonds Woodway HS, WA)

2020 Emmanuel Steward (Grant HS, OR)

2020 Jesse White (Barlow HS, OR)

2021 Noah Pepper (Selah HS, WA)

Third Team All #PT40

2021 Keshawn Hall (Jefferson HS, OR)

2020 Tanner Toolson (Union HS, WA)

2020 Dakota Reber (Wilsonville HS, OR)

2021 Damontae Burns (Parkrose HS, OR)

2020 Mason Lomax (Sprague HS, OR)

2023 Adrian Mosley (Grant HS, OR)

Click on the link below to see more highlights from this event!

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